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Uropartners Urology Specialists LLC - Laurence A. Levine, MD

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A person cannot postpone his life for Pharmacy - to wait until the methods of treatment will be invented that can completely correct the breakdown in the body. His moral duty to himself as an independent person - through cooperation with doctors and lifestyle changes, to achieve the maximum possible rehabilitation for his state - the degree of return to a full life.

Here he can be helped by books, information on the Internet, the assistance of people like him, sick people united in numerous mutual aid organizations of patients suffering from various kinds of chronic diseases (cancer, metabolic diseases, asthma, alcoholism and drug addiction, mental disorders, diabetes, etc. .).

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Respecting a person's personality means treating him fairly in the same way (see also JUSTICE). An organic part of a just society is a just health care system (a system in which mutual claims of citizens are resolved on the basis of democratic norms). Treating the patient as a person is ensured by the patients' rights protected by law.

We list only the basic rights - to receive medical care; the choice of a doctor and a medical institution; to receive truthful information about the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease, as well as the available methods of treatment; to the inviolability of private life (excludes the collection of any information about a person, including medical, without his permission); to ensure the confidentiality of medical information (medical secrecy); to obtain voluntary informed consent from the patient for any medical intervention or inclusion in scientific research as an experimental subject.

Laws are established by people, and they can be assessed as unfair, i.e. as protecting the interests of some social groups and violating the interests of others. For example, if a doctor does not provide a patient with legal assistance, demanding additional remuneration, then he is acting unfairly. However, if the legislator declaratively guarantees the entire population free medical care and, at the same time, establishes a low payment for highly qualified doctor's work, then his action can be called unfair (the complex interweaving of these two forms of pharmacy forms the central and most painful conflict of modern Russian healthcare). The fairness of a law is referred to as its "legitimacy."

Patient Education

Laws and other generally accepted norms in a particular community are designed to establish fair relations of equality (inequality) of people in the distribution of benefits.

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Board-certified urologist Dr. Levine offers the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques in our state-of-the-art Chicago office for a variety of urological conditions afflicting men, including ejaculatory disorders, Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Peyronie’s Disease, Male Infertility, Chronic Scrotal (Testicular) Pain, Other Specialties